Services and customer support
Českomoravská textilní Ltd supplies its domestic textiles to companies and enterprises all over the Czech Republic, as well as other countries. Curtains and decorative fabrics can be traded rolled up, a significant part of these materials can be cut according to the customers´ demands (the buyer will receive the ordered amount only). Deliveries of all materials are arranged via different transport services, normally in 48 hours.

  Pattern design using EAT
We can develop any pattern design according to the requirements of the individual customers. For designing the jacquard patterns, we use the CAD software by EAT Germany (CAD system for pattern design and simulation of fabrics in 2D and 3D). The software enables electronic communication with Karl Mayer machines. The new pattern created using CAD is saved on a diskette or a CD and brought into the production machinery, which meets the set parameters. The program also allows additional reconfiguration of the pattern according to the customer requirements. This fact enables usage of many patterns and flexible innovation with regard to our collection.
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The majority of our collection of curtains and decorative fabrics can be presented with samples and catalogs. The selection of samples of the materials in stocks is ready for our partners free of charge. For all of our partners, this collection can be supplemented with additional samples of the other materials according to the individual selections.
  Custom Tailoring
We use our own sewing workroom in order to meet all requirements of our business partners. We are capable, with our capacity, of providing large-scale orders, but the service can be used by small orders as well. When requested, deliveries and installations of pelmets including  decorations in interiors can be arranged.
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We use the DecoVision software for processing the customer requirements on the apparel manufacture calculations, decoration technical solutions and cuts. The DecoVision software guarantees professional output.
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